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{"pagename":"1281 - John le Petit poaching at Howden","Century":13,"Decade":1281,"Year":1281},{"pagename":"1305 - John Petit the elder in asssault at Boston","Century":14,"Decade":1301,"Year":1305},{"pagename":"1306 - John le Petit accused of assault in Meath (1)","Century":14,"Decade":1301,"Year":1306},{"pagename":"1306 - John le Petit accused of assault in Meath (2)","Century":14,"Decade":1301,"Year":1306},{"pagename":"1306 - John le Petit accused of assault in Meath (3)","Century":14,"Decade":1301,"Year":1306},{"pagename":"1306 - John le Petit accused of assault in Meath (4)","Century":14,"Decade":1301,"Year":1306},{"pagename":"1307 - John le Petit accused of assault in Meath","Century":14,"Decade":1301,"Year":1307},{"pagename":"1314 - John Petit of Shorne pardoned","Century":14,"Decade":1311,"Year":1314},{"pagename":"1315 - John Petit among disobedient mariners","Century":14,"Decade":1311,"Year":1315},{"pagename":"1315 - John Petit plunders cargo of ship from Dinant","Century":14,"Decade":1311,"Year":1315},{"pagename":"1322 - John Lutell kidnaps prior","Century":14,"Decade":1321,"Year":1322},{"pagename":"1322 - John Petit among plunderers at Cambridge","Century":14,"Decade":1321,"Year":1322},{"pagename":"1323 - John le Little confiscates ship at Newcastle-on-Tyne","Century":14,"Decade":1321,"Year":1323},{"pagename":"1323 - Littele Johannes of Leicester","Century":14,"Decade":1321,"Year":1323},{"pagename":"1325 - John le Luttle to be arrested","Century":14,"Decade":1321,"Year":1325},{"pagename":"1325 - Mariner John Petit released from the Tower","Century":14,"Decade":1321,"Year":1325},{"pagename":"1332 - John Petit at Canterbury","Century":14,"Decade":1331,"Year":1332},{"pagename":"1336 - John Lytel of Long Melford","Century":14,"Decade":1331,"Year":1336},{"pagename":"1339 - John Petit of Cornwall (2)","Century":14,"Decade":1331,"Year":1339},{"pagename":"1343 - John Petyt of Treslothan obstructs mining","Century":14,"Decade":1341,"Year":1343},{"pagename":"1343 - John Petyt of Treslothan steals flotsam","Century":14,"Decade":1341,"Year":1343},{"pagename":"1365 - John Pety of Seaton Delaval steals flotsam","Century":14,"Decade":1361,"Year":1365},{"pagename":"1366 - John Petit of Dunboyne","Century":14,"Decade":1361,"Year":1366},{"pagename":"1374 - John Litle to be arrested","Century":14,"Decade":1371,"Year":1374},{"pagename":"1467 - Pirate John Petyt of Mount's Bay","Century":15,"Decade":1461,"Year":1467},{"pagename":"1468 - Pirate John Petyt of St Ives","Century":15,"Decade":1461,"Year":1468},

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-05-04. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-06-01.

The items listed below concern historical (alleged) criminals named Little John (John Little, John Petit, Johannes Parvus etc.) Petit and Parvus can of course be French/Latin renderings of both Small and Little, but it must be remembered that, apart from in the higher echelons, during most of the medieval period most Englishmen's surnames had not yet become fixed. They were still often essentially additional (descriptive) identifiers that could be added to the Christian name in contexts were unambiguous reference was desired. A Small might therefore cnceivably appear in another context as a Little or, if that was his occupation, as a Smith. Nonetheless I have usually left out of consideration individuals surnamed Small eo nomine.

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