1336 - John Lytel of Long Melford

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Date 1336
Topic John Lytel and more than 20 others removed an arrestee from the custody of the bailiffs of the bishop of Ely
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Long Melford and Hitcham, Suffolk.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-18. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[10 Oct. 1336:]
Commission of oyer and terminer to Thomas Bacoun, Constantine de Auckland. Mortuo Mari, John Claver and Robert de Tolthorpe, on complaint by John, bishop of Ely, that whereas among other liberties granted to the church of St. Etheldreda, Ely, by kings of England, it has been granted [p. 367:] that all prisoners taken within thre bishop's lordship in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk for robberies, larcenies, or any other right, ought, to be brought to his prison of Estderham, co. Norfolk, there to stand their trial, Giles de Wachesman, knt. [,] John de Depham, William de Boxstede, William de Totehale, Thomas de la Lee, Peter de Herling, William Rys, John de Stokes, Edmund de Neketon, John de Lavenham, Adam le Barbour, Thomas le Barbour of Lavenham, William le Parker of Meleford, John le Porter of Melford, John Lytel of Meleford, Gilbert le Barbour of St. Edmunds, John de Pynchebek, Thomas de Rammesdor, Richard en le Lane, 'coussour,' William Taylyfer, Richard le Fleccher and others took out of the custody of his bailiffs Adam le Tumour of Hecham, when they had arrested him at his house at Hecham, co. Suffolk, and were taking him to the said prison to stand his trial for stealing a cow and a mare, brought, him and the cow and mare without his lordship and liberty and assaulted his men and servants. By K.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 20d of the Patent Roll for 10 Edward III – Part II. Marginal note: "Oct. 10. Auckland". IRHB's brackets.



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