1468 - Pirate John Petyt of St Ives

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Date 1468
Topic Pirate John Petyt of St Ives
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St Ives (in Cornish: Porth Ia or Porthia)

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-07-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


 The king lately by letters patent [...] commissioned Henry Bodrugan, esquire, and John Arundell of Talffern, esquire, to enquire into the complaint of John Dubrossay concerning the capture of a ship of his laden with wine, and the said Henry has returned into Chancery that Peter Jacherry of Porthia, Joceus Amell of the same, John Petyt of the same and William Whita of the same were owners of a ship called le Cristofer of Porthia, by which ship and the men in it the said ship and wine of John Dubrossay were captured, and that they and John Calmady of Lavaunta were victuallers of le Cristpfer and the said William was master and John Joseph and Gilbert Rous of Monahole were in the ship at the time of the capture, and 2 tuns of the wine came to the hands of John Basset, esquire, 3 tuns to William Trehere, vicar of Sent Keveran, 5 tuns to David Engoef of Sent la, 2 tuns to Agnes Trenuwith, 3 tuns to Thomas Lucombe, 1 tun to John Lome of Treswethen, 3 tuns to Thomas Lymby, 2 tuns to John Dawna of Roswory, 2 tuns to John Michell of Seynt Columbe, 1 tun to William Michell of Seynt Columbe, 2 tuns to Peter Gervas, 3 tuns to Amice Tregose, 2 tuns to William Lagher of Trurn, 4 tuns to William Clemowe of Marghaiowe, 2 tuns to John Gybbys of Pensans, 3 tuns to William Rosmoders, 4 tuns to William Reynold of Sentbreak, 5 tuns to the said John Calmady, 2 tuns to Richard Lelly, 2 tuns to Richard Houton, 3 pipes, worth 60s., to Thomas Trenthgans, 1 tun to James Dayowo of Pensans, 5 tuns to Gilbert Rous of Mousehole, 1 tun to Thomas Emot of Pensans, 3 tuns to Thomas Kellygrewe, 1 tun to Henry Dayowe, and 2 tuns to John Barry, each tun being worth 21. and the ship and the residue of the wine are in the hands of the said Peter, Joceus, John and William, but on account of the shortness of the time no arrest or restitution has been made. The king accordingly hereby commissions the said Henry and John to arrest the abovementioned persons and cause restitution to be made.[1]

Source notes

Date: 'July 20. Westminster'. Membrane 8d. Italic type as in printed source. IRHB's ellipsis. See next.

IRHB comments

At the point of the ellipsis the calendar entry has a cross-reference to an entry from the same year dated 'March 20. Westminster', which reads
Commission to Henry Bodrugan, esquire, and John Arundell of Talffern, esquire, to enquire into the complaint of John Dubrossay, merchant of Brittany, that about three years ago during the truces between the king and his kinsman the duke of Brittany certain pirates in a ship of Montesbay seized a ship of his laden with 92 tuns of wine at sea and took it to the county of Cornwall and disposed of the ship and wine among themselves, and to cause restitution to be made.
In connection with this and the present entry see 1467 - Pirate John Petyt of Mount's Bay, which cites the pirate verssel's home port as Mount's Bay (Cornwall). Porth Ia or Porthia is the Cornish name for St Ives.




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