From International Robin Hood Bibliography

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-07-15. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-06-11.

This section includes pages on specific Anglo-Scottish and European analogues, a page listing anthologies of texts, a page listing studies and criticism and a page listing allusions to the heroes and traditions. Analogues, sources and parallels to specific ballads are to be found under the ballads in question.


These heroes were the subjects of songs, poems or prose texts written in England or Scotland in Middle or Modern English, Middle Scots, Anglo-Norman, Latin or Welsh.

For English historical outlaws and criminals, see Historical topics: Crime, criminals, outlaws and outlawry.


These are European heroes from outside Britain. The texts are in Latin or vernacular languages.


These types of analogues are found in both British and continental sources. The two pages listed below now contain general information on the respective types of tales but will eventually also serve as sub-landing pages for pages treating such tales individually.


Anthologies, printed or online.

Studies and criticism

Studies and criticism of analogous traditions in general. This page also contains a section on studies of social banditry. Secondary literature on specific heroes and traditions are found under the pages specific to the heroes in question.


These are allusions to the Robin Hood tradition which also mention analogous characters. For allusions to such characters that do not also refer to the Robin Hood tradition, see the pages specific to the characters in question.