1343 - John Petyt of Treslothan steals flotsam

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Date 1343
Topic John Petyt of Treslothan steals flotsam and tin
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Treslothan, in Cornish: Tresulwedhen.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-07-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Stouford and Hugh de Berewyk, on complaint by Edward, duke of Cornwall and earl of Chester, that whereas the king by charter lately granted to him and his heirs, dukes of Cornwall, prises of wines, wreck of sea, and the stannary with the coinage thereof and the issues and profits thence arising, in the county of Cornwall, John, bishop of Exeter, John Dauney, 'chivaler,' John le Ercediakne, 'chivaler,' William de Botrigan, Nicholas, prior of St. Michael's Mount, John, prior of Bodmin, Adam, prior of Launceveton, William, prior of Trewerdraith, John Darundell, 'chivaler,' John de Medunta, dean of the church of St. Buryan, John de Oldestowe, Walter de Carmynou, Joan de Carmynou, Joan de Treveygnon, John de Treveygnon, John Kylmynaud, Winan Tirell, Michael de Trenewith the elder, Gerard Curteys, William de Botryaux, ' chivaler,' Walter de Kent, John de Gildeford, Edmund Hacleut, John Carpenter of Lostwithiel, John son of Gerard Curteys of Lostwithiel, Michael de Trenewith the younger, John Billioun, Hervey Byllioun, John de Dephain, Thomas le Goldsmyth, John Petyt of Tresulwythen, Bichard Penpons, Richard Bradboume of Cestre, Roger Bugoles, Richard Vyan of Pensans, Nicholas Heyroun of Suthampton, Robert le Heyr of Bristowe, John Loregod of Wynchelse, John Croke of Penryn, Reginald de Trethaeke, John Waleys of Penryn, Master William Casselake, Ongerus de Kernyk, Alan de Rosmeryn, John de Treveignor, Thomas Lewyn, John Carvyr, John Hobba of Polruan, John Valer of Sandewich, Adam le Touker of Grantpount, Ranulph Markaund, John Henxstrich, John de Alet, John de Tregolas, Robert Jan of Pawy and others, carried away goods washed ashore at Falemouth and elsewhere within the county, prevented him from taking the said prises in the ports of Loo, Fawy, Tuardrayth, Pentewyn, Gwyndreth, Seintmauduyt, Falemouth, Penryn, Lanryhorn, Maneeke, Lesard, Marghsiowe, Mousehole, Porthia, Lavanta, Seint Just, Seynt Deryan, Seynt Karantok, Patristowe, Portguyn, Portkaveran, Tyntagel, Botrescastell, Seynt Marywyke, Stratton and Turn, and carried tin as well in vessels as in block out of the country without his licence, rescued distraints and attachments made by his ministers, broke his parks at Lyskiret, Keribullok, Rostormel and Tremeton, and hunted in these and carried away his deer.[1]

Source notes

Dated: 'Feb. 4. Kennington'. Membrane 43d.

IRHB comments

'Tresulwythen' is now known as 'Tresulwedhen' in Cornish and 'Treslothan' in Englsh. Another grant of a commission of oyer and terminer was issued in the same case on 6 Feb. at Kennington[2] See further 1343 - John Petyt of Treslothan steals flotsam (2).




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