1322 - John Petit among plunderers at Cambridge

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Date 1322
Topic John Petit among multitude of people who plundered colleges at Cambridge
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-17. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[18 May 1322:]
The like to Henry Spigurnel, Robert de Malberthorp, Walter de Friskeney and John de Heselarton, on the king's information that Simon de Refham, mayor of the town of Cambridge, William de Thackestede, William de Sledmere, John Pourfish and Robert de Biry, bailiffs of the town, John Pittok, clerk of the town, John Flemyng, John Andreu, John 'Richardsman le Tableter,' John le Sadeler, John son of Geoffrey le Irnemonger, John de Snaylwell, John son of William de Barnton, John de Brunne, [p. 170:] John de Leek, 'espicer,' John Robliard, John de Denford, John de Kymberle, John Bisshop, 'bakere,' John le Smith 'milner,' John Utlagh, John de Tychewell, John Baroun, John Knyvet, John do Trumpeton, John de Caumpes, John le Taverner, John le Cousyn', John de Byteryng, John do Seccheford, John son of Guy le Spicer, John Payn, John de Lincoln, John Edward, John le Hornyngesether, John le Barkere, John Sponge, John le Marchal, John de Sholdham, John Pawe and John his son, John de Ware, John le Clerc, John Pylat, John Brice, John le Fissher, John le Spenser, John de la Sale, John de Hyndercle, John le Taillour, John Freblod, John le Litester, John Moriz, John Berefot, John Kyng, John le Pastmaker, John de Snoryng, John de Maydenston, John de Comberton, John de Sancto Neoto, John de Northfolk, 'flesshmonger,' John le Blake, John Petit, John Scot, John de Evesham, John de Trumpeton, 'cok,' John le Yonge, 'glasewright,' John Merlyn, John de Launshill, John le Heyward, John 'Bernardesman le Baker, 'John Page, John de Lecton, John de Rokelond, John le Fanner, James son of Agnes le Fissher, James Godelomb, Laurence le Deer, Laurence de Hadenham, Laurence le Taillour, Laurence Pyttok, Matthew le Barker, David le Souter, Nicholas le Espicer, Nicholas de Haselyngfeld, Stephen Godeson, Stephen le Fourbour, Stephen 'Waltersman le Flesshmonger,' William Scot, William Flemyng, William le Pulter, William de Barenton, William le Forester, William Engayne, William Godyer, William le Lorymer of Disse, William de Bodekesham, William Aloum, William le Spicer, William de Haselyngfeld, William Tuylet, William son of John Pawe, William de Castre, William de Talworth, William Pope, William de Lenne, William Scoler, William de Biry, William le Whelwright, William Seman, William de Hindercle, the elder, William de Hindercle, the younger, William atte Gate, William le Auntoner, William de Wrastlyngworth, William atte Howes, William Holay, William Heyward, William Pellour, William le Toller, William Scot, 'le bakere,' William 'Richardesman le Tableter,' William de Driffeld, William Whitheved, 'cok,' William Sauvage, William Tuylet, 'fissher,' William de Holme, William le Milnere, William Redheved, William de Sengham, William de Pokelyngton, William Snoryng, Peter le Horner, Peter de Newenham, Peter de Bernyngham, Peter 'Williamesman Flemyng,' Adam son of Robert le Shoreman, Adam de Essex, Adam de Derham, Adam de Bungeye, Adam de la Fermerye, Alexander de Cesterton, Alexander le Beer, Alexander le Smyth, Alan de Refham, Ancelm de Costeseye, Alan Walshe, Alexander le Barker, Andrew de Hyche, Alexander de Bodekesham, Albred le Mercer, Alexander Robliard, Andrew le Litester, Andrew Fyton, Bartholomew Moryz, Bartholmew le Barker, Bartholomew le Walshe, Benedict de Biry, Brice de Reefham, Bernard le Baker, Berard le Baker, Geoffrey de Ely, Guy le Spicer, Gilbert de Chateriz, Geoffrey de Wardeboys, Geoffrey de Tychewell, Godfrey le Polter, Geoffrey de Lenne, Geoffrey de Thachested, Simon de Helpringham, Simon de Bradele, Simon atte Ponde, Simon Flemyng, Simon Sarteryn, Simon de Bitteryng, Thomas Nikeyt, Thomas de Kymberle, Thomas le Tournour, Thomas de Cotenham, Thomas de Leycestre, Thomas le Lorymer, Thomas le Furbour, Thomas le Surgien, Thomas 'Jonesman Edward,' Thomas son of Robert le Sherman, Thomas de Snaylwell, Thomas 'Rogeresman Prentiz,' Thomas Aleyn, Thomas Lawe, Thomas 'Roberdesman le Taverner,' Thomas le, Bro[un], 'cok,' Thomas Giffard, Thomas le Porter, Thomas Tunnok, Thomas de Barneton, Robert de Broune, Robert de Biry, Robert Spurnegold, Robert Martyn, 'fleshmonger,' Robert de Pinchebek, Robert de Ely, Robert Dunnyng, Robert le Goldsmyth, Robert Baroun, Robert le Taverner, Robert de Tichewell, Robert le Barber, Robert de Pagrave, Robert le Sherman, [p. 171:] Robert le Soutere, Robert de Gritton, Robert de Fulburne, Robert le Baker, Robert Hassok, Robert Scot, Robert le Longe, Robert le Bakere, Robert atte Ponde, Robert Thurrok, Robert Rolle, Robert le Pipere, Robert de Mordon, Robert le Wright of Cambridge, Ralph Sabbe, Richard le Tabletere, Richard Modibrok, Richard de Thackested, Richard Matclask, Richard de Roderham, Richard le Bakere, Richard Tuyllet, Richard Carde, Richard de Trippelowe, Richard de Mordon, Richard Pestour, Richard Dirivall, 'fleshmonger,' Richard Portage, Richard Ganne, Richard le Heyer, Richard atte Brok, Richard Gerwey, Roger le Cok, 'fleshmonger,' Roger de Sancto Neoto, Roger Fouk, Roger de Hemeye, Roger de Costeseye, Roger de Wycombe, Roger 'Williamesman Flemyng,' Roger de Kent, Reginald de Trumpyngton, Reginald de Ledbeter, Ralph le Bakestere, Ralph Balle, Ralph de Comberton, Ralph de Feltewell, 'pelleter,' Ralph Sabbe, Richer Portejoye, Hugh Flemyng, Hugh le Taverner, Hugh 'Jonesman le Mareschal,' Humphrey de Pyncebek, Henry de Grantesden, Henry de Mordon, Henry Swalwe, Henry le Bakere, Henry le Sheremon, Henry le Glovere, Henry le F[ulur], Henry de Wympol, Henry le Barker, Henry de Toft, 'le barber,' Henry 'Jonesman Andreu,' Henry de Scardeburgh, Henry le Mareschal, Henry de Beche, Edmund de Briggestrete, Eudo de Helpringham, Ivo le Fleshmonger, Walter le Fleshmonger, Walter le Dekne, Walter de Gasele, Walter de Salesbury, Walter de Bedeford, Walter de Coton, Walter de Elyngham, and Walter de Talworth of Cambridge with others attacked the inns of the masters and scholars of the University of Cambridge, and killed Walter de Shelton, parson of the church of Welton, etc. [as set forth on p. 151-153]. By pet. of C.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 6d of the Patent Roll for 15 Edward II – Part 2. Marginal note: "May 18. York". Brackets as in printed source, except IRHB's indication of change of page. The entry on "p. 151-153" referred to by the compilers of the printed source dates from 18 May 1322, at York. The calendar summary of it reads as follows:
Commission of oyer and terminer to John de Segrave, the older, Edmund de Eyncourt, John de Foxle, Walter de Friskeneye, Robert de Aspale and John de Heslarton, on information that the following persons acting in the name and with the authority (voce, nomine et signo) of the commonalty of the town of Cantebrigg attacked and spoiled divers inns of the masters and scholars of the University, climbed the walls, broke the doors and windows, mounted by ladders into the solers and assaulted the said masters and scholars, imprisoned some, mutilated others of their members, and killed Walter de Shelton, parson of the church of Welton, carried away all they could of the books and other goods of all the masters and scholars, so that no person dare go to the University of the said town for study, to wit : — Simon de Reefham, mayor of the town of Cantebrigg, William de Sledmere[, IRHB] John Pourfisshe and Robert de Bury, bailiffs of the town, John Pittock of Cantebrigg, clerk, Hugh Flemyng, William Scot, Walter le Flesshemonger, Walter le Deken, Edmund de Briggestrete, William Flemyng, John Flemyng, Roger le Koke, 'flesshemonger,' Robert Spurngolde, John Andreu, Ivo le Flesshemonger, John Snel, Thomas de Kymberle, John de Kymberle, Richard de Kymberle, James Brekemast, Robert Martin, Richard le Tableter, John 'Richardsman le Tableter,' Nicholas le Spicer, Walter le Pardoner, John le Sadeler, John son of Richard le Fruemonger (sic), Hugh de Thornham, William le Pultere, John de Snaylwell, William de Barnton and John his son, Walter de Gasele, Simon le Sherman, Richard de Modibrok, John de Brunne, William le Forester, John de Leyk, Robert de Pyncebek, William de Thackestede, Robert de Clay, 'shereman,' Robert Dunnyng, John de Acre, Thomas le Turnour, Roger de Sancto Neoto, Richard de Thackestede, Roger Wakewo, Geoffrey de Thackestede, Roger Fouk, Geoffrey de Ely, John Utlagh, Robert de Bilton, William de Brigg, Richard Matelask, John de Denford, Robert le Golsmith, Henry le Golsmith, John de Tychewell, John de Cumberton, 'sherman,' Edmund le Taillour, John Baroun, Robert le Shereman, John Knyvet, Henry de Toft, Robert le Taverner, William Carbonel, Alexander de Chesterton, Robert de Tychewell, John de Trumpyngton, John de Chaumpes, Geoffrey Gereweye, John le Taverner, William Godeyer, John Coulyng, John de Biteryng, Robert le Barbour, Reginald de Trumpyngton, Reginald le Ledebeter, Stephen Godesone, Thomas de Leycestre, Peter le Smith, Thomas Lorimer, John de Sheccheford, Henry Swalowe, William Lorimer, Richard de Roderham, Ralph le Bakester, Richard de Talworth, Henry le Baker, Richard le Baker, Thomas le Fourbur, Thomas le Garlekemonger, Guy le Spicer and John his son, Walter de Salesbury, David le Souter, John Payn, Robert de Pagrave, John de Nichole, John Edward, John de Hornyngeserih', Thomas le Surgien, Henry le Shereman, Thomas 'Jonesman Edward,' Robert le Sheresman, Thomas son of Robert le Shoresman, and Adam his brother, Robert le Souter, William de Disse, William de Bodekisham, Peter le Horner, Adam de Essex, William Aloum, William le Spicer, William le Longesouter, Thomas le Latoner, William de Tyd, Roger le Wolmonger, Richard le Geldere, Ralph le Fisshere, John Dukes, 'le greyndre,' John le Baker, John Sponge, Henry le Glover, William de Haselingfeld, John le Mareschal, Simon de Helpyngham, Adam de Derham, Alexander le Beer, John de Shuldam, Bernard le Baker, William Tuillet, Andrew le Smith, Alan de Reefham, Henry le Fletchere, Robert Tuillet, Richard Tuillet, Robert de Gritton, Richard Carde, John Pawe, and Nicholas, William and John, his sons, Alan de Badburgham, John de Ware, William de Castre, Robert de Fulbourn, Benedict de Byri, Ralph de Reefham, Hugh le Taverner, Ralph Balle, John le Clerk, Walter de Talworth, William Pope, Ivo de Helpyngham, Thomas de Barenton, Richard le Barbour, John Pylat, James son of Agnes le Fisshere, William de Lenn, William Scoler, William de Biry, John Fykes, Brice de Reefham, John Brice, John le Fisshere, Gilbert de Chateriz, Robert le Baker, Henry de Berton, Laurence le Deer, John le Spenser, Robert Hassock, Ancelm de Costesseye, William le Whelwright, Thomas [p. 153:] Niket, Roger de Ileneye, John de la Sale, Robert Skot, William Soman, Robert le Longe, John de Lingewode, William de Hundercle, the elder, William de Hindercle, the younger, Robert le Barker, Henry de Beche, Laurence de Hadenham, William atte Gate, John Robelyarde, Adam de Boungeye, Alan le Walshe, Bartholomew le Walshe, Robert de Pikeryng, William atte Kyrkegate, Robert le Spicer, Robert le Chaundeler, Alexander le Barber, Henry de Triplowe, Richard de Ermedru, Elias le Baker, Bartholomew Moriz, John Freblode, Roger de Costeseye, Simon de Braddole, Richard de Tripelowe, William le Antoner, Geoffrey Duk', Bartholomew le Barker, Robert de Comberton, Henry de Wynpole, Walter de Bedeford, Matthew le Barker, John le Lytester, Andrew de Hiche, Simon atte Ponde, Richard de Mordone, John Moriz, James Godelomb, Geoffrey de Wardeboys, William de Sledmere, Walter de Coten, William le Heyward, William de Wrestlingworth, Humphrey de Berkyng, Robert atte Ponde, William de Brunne, Peter de Neuwenham, Peter de Bernyngham, John Breton, William atte Howes, John Berfot, Robert Ballard, Richard Portjoye, Henry le Barbour, Laurence le Taillour, William Holaye, William Pellur, Ralph de Comberton, Roger de Haselyngfeld, Stephen le Furbour, Geoffrey de Tichewell, Henry le Smith, John Kyng, John le Pasteymonger, Thomas de Snaylwell, John de Snoryng, Alan de domo Sancti Petri, Robert Thurrok, Humphrey de Pyncebek, John de Maidenston, Alexander de Bodekysham, John de Comberton, Simon de Chesterton, John de Sancto Neoto, Albrod le Mercer, and William le Toller of Cantebrigg. [Parl. Writs; Fædera.] By pet. of C.

 The like to the same justices, on complaint by Arnold de Tyle, clerk, that the above-named persons came to his inn at Cantebrige, assaulted and wounded him, and took and carried away his goods. By pet. of C.

 The like to the same justices on like complaint by James de Ispania, clerk. By pet. of C.

 The like to the same justices on like complaint by Hugh Gernoun, parson of the church of Elkesleye. By pet. of C.

 The like to the same justices on like complaint by John de la Haye, clerk. By pet. of C.[2]



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