1322 - John Lutell kidnaps prior

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Date 1322
Topic John Lutell among men accused of kidnapping William, prior of Goldcliff, and holding him at the castle of Usk until he paid a fine of 100 mark.
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Goldcliff and Usk.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-17. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[24 May 1322:]
The like [sc. commission of oyer and terminer] to the same justices [sc. John Inge, Nicholas de Wedergrave, and John de la Fosse] on complaint by William, prior of Goldclive in the marches of Wales, as shown in his petition exhibited before the king and Council, that William de Stratton, John Lutell, Griffin ap Henry, Roger Pyn, Roger Neweman, John Wolrich, Nicholas son of Robert de Runeston, Walter de Preston, Nicholas Smith, William Machoun, Nicholas Machoun, Llewelin ap Meurik, Gregory son of Lewelin ap Meurik, Philip Yevan, Thomas Ladde, Philip Seysild and John Randolf assaulted him at Morburne within his liberty of Goldclive, took him and imprisoned him for seven days, and afterwards took him to the castle of Uske and kept him there until he made fine with them by 100 marks, led away his horses and cattle at Morburne, Assh and Coudre within the said liberty, and carried away other goods of his. The jury to be taken from the lands specified in the preceding commission. By pet. of C.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 10d of the Patent Roll for 15 Edward II – Part 2. Marginal note: "24 May. Haverah". IRHB's brackets. The "preceding commission" referred to in the entry cited carries the marginal note "May 24. Haverah". The calendar summary of it runs as follows:
Commission of oyer and terminer to John Inge, Nicholas de Wedergrave, and John de la Fosse on petition before the king and Council by the prior of Goldeclyve in the Marches of Wales showing that, whereas that priory is of the king's advowson and the temporalities belonging to the priory are held of the king and are of his fee, and the prior is a lord of the Marches and has his liberty in those parts like other lords of the Marches there, and ought not to answer elsewhere for the lands or tenements belonging to his priory, and that neither he nor his predecessors in times past ought to answer except as lords of the Marches, William le Walshe of Lanwaryn and Griffin ap Henri, with the assent of Roger Damory, then a lord of the Marches of the adjoining lands, designing to usurp and attract the demesne of the priory to the said Roger, procured certain writs from the chancery of the said Roger in these parts against the said prior and others his tenants concerning certain tenements of the prior in Goldeclyve and Multon, within the prior's liberty of Goldclyve, to be pleaded in the court of the said Roger in Lembenith and Kaerliol, and sued out process thereof there; and although the king prohibited the said Roger and his bailiffs from holding such pleas in his courts to the king's prejudice and commanded the said William and Griffin to implead the said prior and his tenants elsewhere according to law and the custom of those parts, if they should deem it expedient, nevertheless the said Roger and his bailiffs continued the said pleas in the said courts and the said William and Griffin prosecuted the same pleas there until the tenements were by judgment of the said courts adjudged to them, to the prejudice of the king and the danger of the disherison of the church of the said prior. The king therefore, being bound by reason of his superior lordship to show justice to his subjects, as well for his own right as wishing on behalf of the said prior to provide a remedy herein, commissioned the above justices to cause as well the said prior as the said William and Griffin to come before them and to hear their cases (ratiunes) and to enquire therein, if necessary, in their presence by oath of good men of [p. 164:] the lands of Caldecote, Kaerlion and Edelegan at present in the king's hands, and also of the liberty of Thomas, earl of Norfolk and Marshal of England, the king's brother, of the land of Stroguill, which are adjacent to the liberty of Goldeclyve.By pet. of C.[2]



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