1315 - John Petit plunders cargo of ship from Dinant

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Date 1315
Topic John Petit and numerous others plunder the cargo of a Flemish ship driven ashore near Broomholm, Norfolk
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The beach, c. 600 m NE of Broomholm.
The beach c. 600 m NE of Broomholm / Photo by Ryan Norwich Boy via Panoramio.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-03-09. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[22 July 1315:]
The like [i.e. a commission of oyer and terminer] to John de Fresingfeld, Richard de Walsingham and Richer de Reefham, on complaint by Ralph Frapaile, John Hungeri (Hungrie), Gervase Waretes' and John Compaile, merchants of Dynaunt in Almain, that, when a ship which they had laden at le Swyn in Flanders with divers wares to take to England was driven ashore near Bromholm, co. Norfolk, and they had taken the goods ashore, John Petit of Westminster, Thomas Springot and Alice his wife, John Springot, John Faireman and Joan his wife, Robert Lenys, John Seitesele, Bartholomew Merke, John Mot, William le Fisshere, John le Fisshere, Richard Eliot, Richard atte Wase, Robert Peverel, Ralph Bruneman, Martin son of Amice, William Ethe and Margery his wife, William Proudefot and Amice his wife, Stephen de Marisco, John Grygge of Houpp, John Belle, Thomas de Hull, Walter 'on Thenesse,' William le Mazoun, Richard Bat, Sweteman Flemyng, Adam Cadeford, John Stane, Richard Oseborn, William Werke and Joan his wife, Letitia Springot and others of the counties of Norfolk and Kent carried away a great part of the said goods.
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Membrane 28d.
Marginal note in printed source: "July 22. Langley."

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For the career of this John Little see Little John the mariner (record texts).




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