1891 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (1)

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Date 1891
Topic Robin Hood and Little John (Hoxton)
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The site of Robin Hood and Little John, Hoxton.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-07-19. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[4 May 1891:]
MARK BARNETT. I am a stickmaker, of 247, Cable Street East — I have known both the Rudmans since the Saturday before Good Friday — I was with Phelps taking a ramble round Hoxton, and the two Rudmans came along; Phelps spoke to them first, and went into his own house; I waited outside, and the two Rudmans waited some distance from me; I did not speak to them — I had no ferrules in my pocket, but I had received some from Phelps and a man named Bunn — I have none now; I only bought them to sell; I sold them all — I met the two Rudmans a few yards from the Robin Hood, and went in there with them and Phelps — I told Edward I was surprised he could get so many ferrules as he did — he said, "My brother is employed there" — I said I had looked for him on several occasions — he said, "Where?" — I said, "When I was in the neighbourhood of Aldermanbury; I looked outside White and Harrington's firm to see whether I could see you, but not knowing you I did not know who to look for; if I had seen anyone come down with a parcel I should have put it down as you" — he said he saw me outside, and took me for a policeman — I said, "I do not think it is possible for your brother to bring out large parcels like that" — he said, "It is generally done at dinner-time" — I said, "Somebody must have known something about it besides your brother" — he said he would sooner suffer ten years' imprisonment than he would bring Goatly into it; Goatly was a gentleman; he took an oath and said Goatly knew nothing about it — I told him I tried to sell some to Bignolles — he said he had sold them hundreds of gross; they had had more than anybody — they are umbrella manufacturers — he asked if I had sold the goods in my own name — I said yes — he said I was a fool to do so — I said I cannot alter my name, as I had been doing business with the people some years — he asked me if I had a receipt for the ferrules; I said no — he offered to make one out, which I declined — I had not bought any of him; I never made any purchases of him in my life; I never saw him before that night.[1]

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