1826 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (1)

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Date 1826
Topic Robin Hood and Little John (Hoxton)
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-07-19. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[16 Feb. 1826:]
WILLIAM JUST, JUN. I am fifteen years old. My father lives at Hoxton. On the night of the 5th of February I was in my father's yard and heard something like the smash of a window, which I mentioned to my mother. My father went out, for half an hour, in the evening – my mother then said the place had been stripped - upon which I went to fetch my father - as I was going along I saw the prisoner and another man - this was about half-past eight o'clock in the evening, and only a few minutes' walk from my father's house - the prisoner walked before me and the other man over the way - as soon as the prisoner saw me he went on the other side of the road with a dark bundle; the man on the other side had a white bundle; I believe the prisoner noticed that I saw him cross over to his companion. I got before them and they looked at me very hard; I kept my eye upon them; when I got a little further towards the Whitmore's Head public-house, I saw my father and a boy coming, and I said "Father, here they are?" I saw the dark bundle pitched over the wall, where it was afterwards found - he ran away - my father laid hold of the prisoner, and gave him to a gentleman, and then ran after the other towards the Robin Hood, public-house. When my father returned back, he was about to let the prisoner go - he said he was a hard-working lad; my father looked at his shoes, which were not like a tradesman. My father said "Where do you work?" but he could not tell; he then gave him in charge. [1]

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