1883 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey

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Date 1883
Topic Robin Hood and Little John (Hoxton)
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-07-19. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[10 Sep. 1883:]
WILLIAM HENRY BLACKABY. I live at 8, Canal Road, Shoreditch, and am a wheelwright — on 19th July, shortly after midnight, I had been in a public-house near the high road, near Hoxton, and was going home — when near the corner of the high road the prisoner, whom I had not seen before to my knowledge, came behind me, took hold of me, said "Halloa," opened my coat, and took out my pocket-book from a side pocket—I said, "What are you doing of?" and took hold of the end of his coat and collar — he dragged me on to the side of the road — I called out "Police" — he said, "I will give you your pocket-book back if you will let me go" — I said "No," and called out "Police" — they came and took the pocket-book out of his hand — there were a cheque for 2l. 7s. 6d. and a few of my cards in it — I did not notice any people about when this occurred — I cannot say if the prisoner was sober.

Cross-examined. I do not know the name of the public-house — I went in about 11.30 — I had been at the Robin Hood, another public-house, before that for a quarter of an hour — before that I had been on business at another public-house — when I went to the Robin Hood I saw a gentleman with whom I did business, and he asked me to go and have a glass of ale — I was not doing business of that kind before I was at the public-house — I went to the second public-house to have a glass of ale with a gentleman I had purchased goods of — I will take my oath I did not have any spirits — the second house was a beershop; while there I proposed we should all go to a spirit house, and I would treat them to some gin — there might have been a little music there, I gave a comic — we were all together in one compartment — I was quite sober — the persons were strangers to me, except one — they asked me to stand something, and I gave them two pots of ale — there might have been eight or ten — I have not a clear recollection of it — I don't know how much I drank — I did not take out my pocket-book in the public-house and say I have got so much — I went out by myself — I had had sufficient — I was not going to get some gin, that did not come off — the prisoner might have been in the bar with me — I know he came behind, and the sergeant took the pocket-book away from him — he thought I could not hold him, but he said he had never had such a man before tackle him — I did not say that we had been in the public-house together — I did not drop my pocket-book on the floor of the public-house — my friend did not pick it up, and as I was in such a state that I could not take it, hand it to the prisoner — I can recollect all that took place.[1]

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