Robin Hood's Cross (Hazelbadge)

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Coordinate 53.3191, -1.7265
Adm. div. Derbyshire
Vicinity In parish of Hazelbadge; 1.25 km SE of Bradwell
Type Monument
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Extant
First Record 1640
A.k.a. Robin's Cross
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Robin Hood's Cross.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-08-30. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-06.

Robin Hood's Cross is the name of a medieval wayside cross, of which now only the base survives, about 1.25 km SE of Bradwell in the parish of Hazelbadge. Dobson & Taylor suggest it may have originated as a boundary mark.[1] A list of minor monuments in Derbyshire, published 1934, notes it as being "[o]n Abney Moor; built into wall near an old track to Shatton; behind a stile".[2] It is recorded in 1319 as 'Robin Crosse' and is indicated as 'the Robins Crosse' on a 1640 unpublished map.[3] Dobson & taylor in their entry of this place-name use the form 'Robin Hood Cross'. The form with genitive 's' appears on the 6" O.S. maps from the years 1883 to 1923 (see Maps section below).





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