Lithgow, William 1643a

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Lithgow, William. The Present Surveigh of London and Englands State. Containing a Topographicall Description of all the Particular Forts, Redoubts, Breast-works, and Trenches Newly Erected round about the Citie on both Sides of the River, with the Severall Fortifications thereof. And a Perfect Relation of some Fatall Accidents, and other Disasters, which Fell out in the City and Countrey, During the Authors Abode there. Intermingled also with Certaine Severall Observations Worthie of Light and Memorie / By William Lithgow. London: Printed by J. O., 1643. A-C⁴. 4⁰.



  • Aberdeen University Library
  • Advocates Library
  • British Library
  • Edinburgh University Library.

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