Laing, David 1827a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography

[Laing, David]. The Knightly Tale of Golagrus and Gawane, and other Ancient Poems. Printed at Edinburgh by W. Chepman and A. Myllar in the Year M.D.viij.. [Edinburgh]: [s.n.], 1827. [vi], 28, [4 blank], [264], [4 blank], xx pp. 22 x 28 cm. type facs. Boards. LCCN 926698.

Most of the edition destroyed by fire. Only 76 printed, of which four on vellum. The margins damaged by fire. At least one copy is accompanied by a file folder with extra, folded but unbound copies of some of the printed quarto sheets and half-sheets. If such folders are included with other copies, their contents probably varies from one copy to another.


Bibliographical sources

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