Cartwright, J J 1904a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography

Cartwright, J. J., ed.; Rigg, J. M., ed.; Lomas, S. C., ed.; Maxwell-Lyte, A., ed.; Brodie, R. H., compil. Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquis of Bath preserved at Longleat, Wiltshire (Historical Manuscripts Commission, Cd. 2048, Cd. 3474, Cd. 3849). London; Dublin; Hereford: For His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1904-1908. 3 vols. xv, 393, ix; xxiv, 223, viii; xiii, 576, viii pp.

Volumes as follows:

  • vol. I (London, 1904) ed. Cartwright & Rigg
  • vol. II (Dublin, 1907) ed. Lomas
  • vol. III (Hereford, 1908) ed. J.J. Cartwright & A. Maxwell-Lyte, index compil. by R.H. Brodie.

Editor's names appear in introductory matter only in all three vols.