Anonymous 1783a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Anonymous, compil. The New Complete Guide to all Persons who have any Trade or Concern with the City of London, and Parts adjacent. Containing I. The Names of all the Streets, Squares, %c. in the said City, and within the Bills of Mortality. II The Names and Situation of the Companies Halls, &c. within the said Bills of Mortality. III. The new Rates for Carmen, as settled by the Lord Mayor, &c. and the Rates of Watermen, Hackney Coachmen, Chairmen, and Porters. IV. Rates of the General-Post, and Penny Post-Offices, where kept, and to what Places they send Letters and Parcels; and the Holidays kept at the Public Offices. V. An account of the Coasting Vessels, &c. VI. An Account of all the Stage-Coaches, with the Fares of Passengers, Carriers, &c. where they inn, and when they go out. VII. Of entering Goods at the Custom-House. VIII. The Names and Places of Abode of the most eminent Merchants and Traders in and about London. IX. List of the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London, with their Wards, for the Year 1782. X. Directors of the Bank of England, South Sea, and India Companies, with an Account of their respective Capitals, and Hours of Business, XI. Directors of the various Fire-Offices in London. XII. List of Bankers, and of the publick Law Offices, with the Hours of Attendance. XIII. Expence of sending a Letter or Packet by Express to any Part of Great Britain or Ireland. XIV. Table of Stamps. being the Exactest Piece of the Kind hitherto published: And designed for the Use of Persons of all Degrees, as well Natives as Foreigners. The Sixteenth Edition, with large Additions and Alterations. And a new an accurate Plan of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts adjacent; also an exact Plan of the Royal-Exchange, showing the several Walks or Places for transacting Business by the different Merchants, Traders, &c. [s.l]: Printed for T. Longman; J. R. Rivington and Sons; S. Crowder; T. Caslon; C. Dilly; S. Bladon; W. Stuart; and R. Baldwin, 1783. [iv], 332 pp. Frontis., fold. map., 1 table.

"Price 1s. 6d. sewed in Marble paper; – Or 2s. half-bound, with the Plates, and 1s. 8d. without" (t.-p.)