1638 - Braithwaite, Richard - Barnabee's Journal (3)

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1638
Author Braithwaite, Richard
Title Barnabees Journal
Mentions Robin Hood's Well [Barnsdale]; witches at Wentbridge

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-08-07. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-07-16.


[Latin text:]
Nescit sitis artem modi,
Puteum Roberti Hoodi
Veni, & liquente vena
Vincto catino catena,
Tollens sitim, parcum odi,
Solvens obolum Custodi.

Veni Wentbrig, ubi plagæ
Terræ, maris, vivunt sagæ,
Vultu torto & anili,
Et conditione vilii:
His infernæ manent sedes,
Quæ cum inferis ineunt fædus.

[English text:]
Thirst knowes neither meane nor measure.
Robin Hoods Well was my treasure,
In a common dish enchained,
I my furious thirst restrained:
And because I drunk the deeper,
I paid two farthings to the keeper.

Thence to Wentbrig, where vile wretches,
Hideous hags and odious witches,
Writhen count'nance and mis-shapen
Are by some foule Bugbeare taken:
These infernall seats inherit,
Who contract with such a Spirit[1]

Source notes

Note to Vincto (Latin text, l. 4):
"Viventes venæ, Spinæ, catinusque catenæ
Sunt Robin Hoodi nota trophica sui."
Note to Veni (Latin text, l. 7):
"Rupe cavedia struxit indeia
Queis oscitantèr latuit acedia."

Note to "common" (English text, l. 3):
"A Well, thorne, dish hung in an iron chaine,
For monuments of Robin Hood' remaine."

Note to "to" (English text, l. 7):
"In a rock Want built her booth
Where no creature dwels but Sloth."



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