1608 - Robin Hood's Elm (Woodstock)

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Date 1608
Topic Robin Hood's Elm, Oxford Street [Woodstock, Oxfordshire]
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Oxford Street, Woodstock.
Oxford Street, Woodstock / Google Earth Street View.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-09-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08. Robert Lynley brought this record to my attention.


House in Oxford streete near Robin Hoodes elme 20s [...] [tenant and occupier] Bridgett Spittle widdowe her house
[... p. 38: ...]
Tenement in Oxford streete near Robbine Hooddes elme 1½d [...] [tenant] Thomas Browne alderman [...] wherein John Ackly dwelleth
[... p. 40: ...]
House by Robin Hooddes elme in Oxford streete 12d [...] [tenant and occupier] John Tomlins[1]

Source notes

IRHB's brackets. The MS source is a "Rente Roule of all the rentes within the said boughrough [of Woodstock] made the twentieth daye of Januarye...1608" (etc.)[2] In order to show more clearly the relationship between the original 1608 roll and MS annotations made in subsequent years, the editor of the printed text has adopted a tabular layout.[3] For a more straightforward layout I have reversed this as there are no MS annotations for the entries cited here. Ellipses within the three entries concern editorial sigla indicating "tenant" and "occupier". Where required, IRHB supplies these terms in brackets.

IRHB comments

For discussion, see the page on Robin Hood's Elm (Woodstock).




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