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Anonymous 1817b

Anonymous. Police Report of May, 1817. Relative to Public House Licences. Report of the Committee on the State of the Police of the Metropolis, with the Minutes of Evidence of Mr. James Meek; George Dell; George Smith; Jonathan Houlding; J.T. Barber Beaumont, Esq.; Mr. Thomas Ballard; Rice Davies, Esq.; Cassen Rohde, Esq.; Mr. Peter Perry; Joseph Kinder; Thomas Boone; William Gore; James Fletcher; George Byfield; Thomas Platt; James Hughes; William Jupp; Robert Henderson; John Winkfield; the Rev. Joshua King; Mr. James May; Robert Wrightson; John Batts; William Blessed; John Wilson; James Weston; John Blundell; G. Holmes Sumner, Esq. M.P.; Joseph Merceron, Esq.; Mr. Peter Renvoize; James G. Greenwood; David Smith; John Toms; Edward Wentworth; William Hale, Esq.; Mr. Isaac Rennoldson; John Whitby Perry; John Adams; James Davis; Henry Schultes; Edward Markland, Esq.; Joseph Fletcher, Esq.; Mr. George Dorvel; Joseph Clark; R.H. Weston; John Williams; Thomas Saunders; John Smith; Thomas Spring; Robert Clark; Samuel Roberts; Timothy Brent, Esq.; John Bowles, Esq.; T. Starling Benson, Esq.; Sir Nathaniel Conant; Mr. Richard Howell; Thomas Collins, Esq.; John Gifford, Esq.; Mr. William Whiting; John Barrett; Charles Calvert, Esq. M.P.; Mr. Daniel Ede; Robert Whitburn; Rv. J. Wilde & Rev. C. Peters; Samuel Mills, Esq.; Mr. Edward Hinks; John Hanson, Esq.; Charles Barclay, Esq.; John Martineau, Esq.; Sampson Hanbury, Esq.; Mr. William Stocker; Mr. William Hames; Mr. John Wheeler; Mr. Robert Bennett; the Rev. Thomas Thirlwall; Rev. William Francis Platt; Mr. Samuel Ames; Alexander Forbes; Georges Scaman Inman; Saunderson Sturtevant; John Desermeaux. And an Appendix. London: Printed by and for C. Clement, 1817.