Gutch, John Mathew 1850a

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Gutch, John Mathew. The Robin Hood Garlands and Ballads, with the Tale of The Lytell Geste: a Collection of All the Poems, Songs, and Ballads relating to this Celebrated Yeoman; to which is prefixed his History and Character, deduced from Documents hitherto Unrevised. Edited by John Mathew Gutch, F.S.A., and adorned with cuts by F. W. Fairholt. London: John Russell Smith; Joseph Lilly, 1850. 2 vols. viii, xxxix, 391; [vi], viii, xxiv, 447 pp. 22 cm. Illus.; music. LC 25-6601.

The 1847 work under a new title. For the illustrator, see Wikipedia: Frederick William Fairholt.

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