1844 - Barnes, William - Miaken up a Miff

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1844
Author Barnes, William
Title Miakèn up a Miff
Mentions Robin Hood [Lychnis flos-cuculi or Silene dioica]
Robinhood, red campion, silene dioica (photo: unknown, from Wikipedia).
Lychnis flos-cuculi, 'Ragged Robin' or 'Robin Hood' in bloom (photo: Guido Gerding, from Wikimedia).

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-06-12. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


Look up an' let the evemen light
But sparkle in thy eyes so bright
As thāe be oben to the light
O' zunzet in the west
An' lè's stroll here var hafe an hour
Wher hangèn boughs damiake a bow'r
Upon theōs bank wi' eltrot flow'r
An' Robinhoods a-drest.[1]

Source notes

Barnes, p. 303: "Eltrot. Eldroot. In Somersetshire, Oldroot or oldroot. A. S. eald, and root. The stalk and umbel of the wild parsley." Barnes, p. 343: "Robinhood. The red campion, Lychnus sylvestris, and the Ragged Robin, Lychnus flos cuculi."

IRHB comments

The proper name for Lychnus sylvestris is Silene dioica.[2] Several plants are known as "eltrot".[3] Barnes takes it to mean the "stalk and umbel of the wild parsley" (see Source notes section above), but "wild parsley" can again refer to several species of plant.[4]




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