1802 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (2)

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Date 1802
Topic Man steals shirts in Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane
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Site of Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane, Holborn.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-17. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[14 Sep. 1802:]
DAVID KINGSTON was indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Charles Gearing, no person being therein, about the hour of six, on the day of the 17th of July, and feloniously stealing, two shirts, value 10s. the property of John Little.

JOHN LITTLE sworn. - I am a sailor, and lodge at No. 15, Robinhood-court; I gave the shirts to my sister-in-law to wash, and she had liberty of Charles Gearing's wife to hang them up in her room: on Saturday, the 17th of July, about six o'clock in the evening, they were missed; I saw them again when they were taken from the prisoner's pocket; I heard an alarm given, and followed him to the counter, where I saw them taken out of his pocket; they are not finished at the arms; the landlord's name is Bennett, but he does not live in the house; it is let out in tenements; the prisoner appeared to be sober.

JAMES WADE sworn. - I left off work at six o'clock on the evening of the 17th of July, and had just turned into the house, No. 18, Robinhood-court, where I live, and heard the cry of stop thief; I saw the prisoner run into the workhouse passage, Shoe-lane, and another man took him; I followed them back to the house he had taken the shirts from, and he attempted to take one out of his right-hand pocket, and drop it, which I stopped him doing; he said he would give me back my property, and did not mean to hurt me, thinking I belonged to them; I took them, and shewed them to Mr. Little; he said he hoped I would shew him lenity, and admitted it was a very bad thing he had done; I had made him no promise of favour.

ALICE HOTHRAM sworn. - I am sister-in-law to John Little, and lodge at No. 15, Robinhood-court; the shirts were in Charles Gearing's room; I had the washing of them, and put them there to dry; I was in the two pair, and heard a noise in Gearing's room; I came down stairs, and saw a man come out of the room with the shirts in his pocket; he went down stairs; I followed him, and gave the alarm; my brother's shirts were brought back; Gearing's wife rented the room at the time; I don't know whether Gearing ever lived in it.

ELIZABETH HILSTON sworn. - I live at No. 11; I was helping to wash the shirts, which were hung up in Mrs. Gearing's room; he is on board ship, and has been these seven years; I was not present when they were stolen.

WILLIAM RATCLIFF sworn. - I took the prisoner, and found the two shirts on him; I delivered them to the keeper of the Compter.(The shirts produced and identified.)

Prisoner's defence. I was in a state of intoxication if I did do it; when I was a boy, I fell out of a three pair of stairs window, and have a plate in my head; if I drink any thing, I don't know what I do; therefore I leave myself to the mercy of the Court.

The prisoner called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

GUILTY, aged 37.

Of stealing, but not of the breaking and entering the dwelling-house.

Six months in Newgate, and publicly whipped.

London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.[1]

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