1604 - Barlow, William - Summe and Substance of Conference

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Date 1604
Author Barlow, William
Title The Summe and Substance of the Conference which it pleased his Excellent Majestie to have with the Lords Bishop, and others of his Clergie (at which the most of the Lords in the Councill were present) in his Majesties Privie-Chamber, at Hampton Court Jan. 14 1603 [recte 1604]
Mentions Many speak of Robin Hood that never shot in his bow [proverb]

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D. Reynolds [i.e. John Rainolds (1549–1607), President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford] took exceptions at those words in the Common Prayer Book, of Matrimony, With my body I thee worship. His Majesty [James I of England] looking upon the place; I was made believe, (saith he) that the phrase did import no lese than Divine worship and adoration: but by the examination I find, that it is an usual English tearm, as a Gentleman of worship, &c. And the sense agreeable unto Scriptures, Giving honour to the wife, &c. But turning to Doctor Reyn. (with smiling saith his Majesty) Many a man speakes of Robin Hood, who never shot in his Bow: if you had a good wife yourself, you would think all the honour and worship you could do to her, were well bestowed.[1]

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According to the title-page of the printed edition of Barlow's work, the conference was held on 14 Jan. 1603, but the year should be 1604, as indicated in the title of the 1965 facsimile (see Editions section below). Elizabeth I died on March 24 1603 and was succeeded by James I, who arranged the conference at Hampton Court to settle differences between mainstream Church of England clergy and those of more puritanical leanings.





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