1256 - Northumberland fugitive Robert Hode

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Date 1256
Topic Northumberland fugitive Robert Hode

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-08-13. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


Ricardus filius Willelmi de Thyrun' occidit Rogerum Pessun quadam sagitta quam traxit ad ipsum. Et Johannes statim fugit et malecreditur, ideo exigatur et utlagetur. Nulla habuit catalla. Et hutesium fuit levatum, et villata de Thyrun' non cepit ipsum, ideo in mis'. Et Robertus Hode et Petrus Tripet, attachiati eo quod prsesentes fuerunt cum praedicto Johanne, subtraxerunt se et non malecreduntur, ideo redeant si velint, set catalla eorum confiscantur pro fuga. Nulla habuerunt catalla.

[IRHB translation:]
Richard son of William of Thyrun' killed Roger Pessun with an arrow which he drew at him. And John immediately fled and is under suspicion, he is therefore put in exigend and outlawed. He had no chattels. The hue was cried, and the village of Thyrun' did not catch him, therefore they are in mercy. And Robert Hode and Peter Tripet who were attached because they were present with the said John withdrew and are not under suspicion, therefore they may return if they wish, but their chattels are confiscated beecause of [their] flight. They have no chattels.[1]

Source notes

The year is 46 Henry III, i.e. 28 Oct. 1255 to 27 Oct. 1256.

IRHB comments

The Latin seems to mean that Richard drew the arrow at himself, which does not make sense. I have not been able to locate "Thyrun".