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Persons surnamed Littlejohn (record texts)

{"pagename":"1555 - John Littlejohn of Ashburton","alcent":16,"aldecade":1551,"alyear":1555},{"pagename":"1557 - John Litle John of Ashburton","alcent":16,"aldecade":1551,"alyear":1557},

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-28. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-08.

Below is found a list of records relating to historical persons – law-abiding or otherwise – surnamed Littlejohn. The list will include few if any records later than 1500 and in general will include only records that are of particular interest. e.g. records referring to criminal Littlejohns, records of Littlejohn who were sons of men named John Little, etc.

Records relating to persons surnamed Littlejohn

The following 2 records concern persons surnamed Littlejohn:

1555 - John Littlejohn of Ashburton

6d. for ryppyng up the presse bouft of John Liteljohn and settyng up the same in the vestrye.[1]

1557 - John Litle John of Ashburton

26s.8d. to John Litle John for the presse in the vestre.[2]

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