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1423 - Inventory of Keeper of King's Ships (3)

Date 1423
Topic Inventory of equipment belonging to the royal balinger 'Petit John'
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Southampton, the homeport of the Petit John.
Southampton docks, aerial view of the Canary Islands Fruit Terminal / David Dixon, 16 July 2016, Creative Commons, via Geograph.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-04-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-05-04.


Foreign receipts lately coming from the royal ballinger called Petit John for the safe-keeping of this ballinger, that is to say:
Hawser for a forstey1 weighing ½ cwt
A certain trice pulley1[1]

Source notes

Italic type as in printed source. One half fraction has horizontal stroke in printed source. The inventories were compiled by or on behalf of William Soper, Keeper of the King's Ships.[2]

The editor provides glosses for the technical terms occurring in the passage:
Hawser] Also 'hauncer' in these inventories, large rope or, more properly, middle sized cable.[3]
Forestay] A "[s]tanding rigging leading forward"[4]

IRHB comments

Susan Rose's translation. The editor of the inventories dates them 1422–27,[5] but since a reference to letters patent dated 5 March 1423 occurs in the preamble to the inventories,[6] I date them 1423–27. This entry partially duplicates one made on the preceding page of the MS; see 1423 - Inventory of Keeper of King's Ships (2). At least during the period in question, the home port of the Petit John was Southampton. For discussion see Petit John (Southampton).



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