Robin Hood and the Potter

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Child 121
Title Robin Hood and the Potter
Versions 1
Variants 1
Stanzas 83
Date c. 1460-1500

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-08-07. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-27.


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1587 - Anonymous - Just Censure and Reproof of Martin Junior

Anderson parson of Stepney, should make roome before him with his two hand staffe, as he did once before the morrice daunce, at a market towne in the edge of Buckingham or Bedford shires, where he bare the Potters part. His two supporters alwayes to leade him by the armes, must be sir Lenard Wright, and sir Tom Blan o Bedford, the one whereof also must carrie his bable, and the other a looking glasse for their Maister, to see whether his catercappe doth euery way reach ouer his eares, and so stand according to his calling. As for Mar-Martin, and Iohn Fregueuile, they alterius vicibus, shall be the groomes of his stoole [...]

[Marginal note to Anderson's name:] This chaplein robbed the poore mens box at Northampton, played the Potters part in the morriee [sic] daunce, and begotte his maide with child in Leicestershire: and these things hee did since he was firste Priest.[1]