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The module expects template calls like {{NavigationArrows|Row1Cat1=|Row1Cat2=|Row1Lp=|Row1LpSect=|Row1LpAlias=}}, where only the first parameter is required to exist and hold a non-empty string. The parameter set |Row1Cat1=|Row1Cat2=|Row1Lp=|Row1LpSect=|Row1LpAlias= may be repeated up to five times with Row1Cat1 incremented to Row2Cat1, Row1Cat2 to Row2Cat2 etc., the highest meaningful set of parameters being Row6Cat1 etc. The landing page link and text are Row1Cat1 (etc.) unless a valid value is supplied for Row1LpSect (etc.), in which case a valid value for Row1LpAlias (etc.) takes precedence over any for Row1Cat1 (etc.) as text. For category names that are to be uppercased (and have any relevant entity reference normalized to a corresponding apostrophe), the template parameters Row1Cat1Uc and Row1Cat2Uc must be used instead of Row1Cat1 and Row1Cat2.