1761 - Robin Hood (Hockley)

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Date 1761
Topic Robin Hood, Hockley [public house]
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Hockley (now NE Nottingham), where the Robin Hood was located.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-10-14. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


26 May 1761.
1761. May 26
A[t] the General Licensing Day held at the Guildhall . . . every Person having such License was bound in Recognizance to our Lord the King with Sureties as Underwritten & upon the Condition following to wit Upon Condition that A: B: shall not during the continuance of a License now Granted to him (or her) for keeping a Common Alehouse within the Town & County of the Town of Nottingham Neglect to keep duly the true Assize in his (or her) Bread Beer Ale & other Excisable Liquors And shall not Use or Suffer any Unlawfull Games Drunkeness or disorder in his (or her) House Yard Garden or Backside but Maintain & keep good order & Rule therein according to the Laws & Statutes of this Realm in that behalf made & Provided . . .2 [...] 105. Wm. Kestevens at the Robin hood in Hockley.3[1]

Source notes

First bracket as in printed source, second by IRHB.
P. 17, note 2: "Names of sureties and sums of money are omitted. All these public houses appear in the first list of recognisances extant, i.e., 1758, except those marked a, which appear in 1759, b, 1760, and c, 1761. The earlier lists also contain the following:
1758. May 23
37. Robert Hatcher at the Ranging Deer, St. James Lane.
60. Josiah Nixon at the Horse & Trumpet in Carter Gate. [See p. 21, no. 93.]
74. George Moore at the Bowls by the Leenside. [Called the Golden Bowls, 1759.]
June 21
120. John Dodd at the Bleu Ball Marygate.
June 28
121. John Neale at the Windmill Low Pavement.
August 2
126. Damaris Archer at the Carpenters Arms in Worsergate. [Probably identical with the Spotted Ball, 1761, no. 134.]
1759. May 22
73. Thomas Dodd at the Trowell & Brush in Barkergate. [Probably identical with the Plaisterers Arms, 1761, no. 54.]
May 30
119. Jonathan Croshaw by the Hall Stairs in the Parish of Saint Mary. [Cf. 1761, no. 3.]" Brackets as in printed source.
P. 21, note 3: "Green Man, 1759 and 1762."

IRHB comments

This pub is listed in similar recognizances from 1759 and 1762 as the Green Man (see Source notes above). In all probability the vacillation between Robin Hood and the Green Man was due to the pub's sign being capable of both interpretations. We note also that a couple of other public houses figuring in the list seem to have been known under two names (see Source notes above).



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