1588 - Harvey, John - Discursive Problem (2)

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Date 1588
Author Harvey, John
Title A discoursiue probleme concerning prophesies
Mentions Friar Tuck

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-08-20. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-05-30.


In former times, and in a simpler age, it was no difficult matter, to shift out with good plaine rude cloisterly stuffe: now lateward, sithence those frierlie skarcrowes, and moonkish dumps began to be lesse dreaded or regarded, there haue not wanted iolly fine pragmatical wares, of the maker, whereby no small intendiments, or base enterprises haue been attempted in most kingdomes and principalities thorow out Christiandome. Forsooth loosers must haue their words; and beggers will needes be somewaies bulbeggers. I cannot stand to make any curious deuision; howbeit some of them would be noted for terrible Elphes, and Goblines: som other of them can be contented to insinuate themselues like Robin goodfellow and frier Tuckes. Amongst whom (p. 74) can we better compare the former, than vnto such pedlers, tinkers, and sturdy roges, as were woont to carie about with them their fierce mastiues & terrible bandogs, to serue their knauish and villanous turnes, vpon aduantage [p. 146:] giuen? As for the rest, notwithstanding the swete and plausible honie in their mouthes, haue they not also spitefull and pestilent stings in their tailes?[1]

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