1380 - Escheator Robert Loxle (1)

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Date 1380
Topic Robert Loxle, escheator in Surrey, ordered not to set a guardian in the lands of Leeds Priory on the death of the prior.
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-20. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-06-10.


[24 May. 1380:]
To John Frode of Smethe escheator in Kent. Order during this vacancy to set no guardian in Ledes priory, but to suffer the subprior and canons to have free administration and disposal of the property thereof, according to the charters of their patrons and of King Edward I and to the late king's confirmation, saving Chatham fair, removing the king's hand if by the late prior's death he took the priory or the temporalities thereof into his hand, and restoring any issues by him taken; as on 12 June 13 Edward I, for that the prior and canons of Ledes, now of the king's patronage, rendered Chatham fair to the then king and Queen Eleanor and to that king's heirs, the said king granted that at every vacancy of the priory they might without craving licence of the king elect a prior, that the king should set no guardian in the priory in his name, but that they and their successors should have the administration etc. as aforesaid, so that after every election the prior elect should straightway be presented to the king; and the late king confirmed that charter with the clause licet, saving to him the said fair. Proviso that during this vacancy answer be made at the exchequer for the issues of any lands etc. by the priory acquired in fee after the aforesaid date, and lands which since that date have come to the priors' hands by escheat or otherwise.
 The like, mutatis mutandis, to Robert de Loxle escheator in Surrey.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 4 of the Close Roll for 3 Richard II. Marginal note: "May. 24. Westminster". Italics as in printed source.



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