1340 - Robert Hod of Norfolk

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Date 1340
Topic Robert Hod among men of the earl of Pembroke accused of trespass.
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-26. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-06-08.


[13 Mar. 1340:]
To the sheriff of Norfolk. Order to release Roger atte Touneshende, Walter de Upgate, Henry son of Walter de Upgate, John Mous, Thomas Huberd, John son of Thomas Huberd, John Nel, William Ferour, John Ballard, Robert Weet, Thomas Ballard, Adam Godefrey, William le Neve, Adam atte Chirche, John Derby, Thomas Stace, Henry Stace, John Pole, Walter Jehon, John atte Touneshende, John Coldham, Peter Arnald, John Rous, Adam Smyth, John Howard, Hugh A . . . Robert Hod, John Kebel, Milo Tubbyng, Thomas Arnald and Henry atte Bek, men and tenants of Laurence de Hastynges, earl of Pembroke, from prison if he find mainpernors who will undertake to have them before the king on an appointed day to answer for their trespass, and further to do and receive what the king's court shall determine, as they have shown the king that whereas Roger Cachenache and Richard le Gras implead them before the king of a trespass committed on Roger and Richard by them, as is said, and process being held thereupon because the sheriff returned before the king that Roger and the others were not found and had nothing in the bailiwick by which they could be distrained, the king ordered the sheriff by writ de judicio returnable before the king a month from Easter next, to take them, to answer Roger and Richard for the trespass; and now they have besought the king to order the taking of them to be superseded by a mainprise, as they make continual stay in the county and have lands there where they may be distrained, and they are ready to stand to right in the premises on the said day in accordance with the law and custom of the realm. By p.s. [12631.][1]

Source notes

Membrane 31d of the Close Roll for 14 Edward III – Part 1. Marginal note: "March. 13. Westminster". Italics and brackets (except date) as in printed source.



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