1339 - William Scarlet of Lostwithiel

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Date 1339
Topic William Scarlet of Lostwithiel owns part of a ship.
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Lostwithiel, Cornwall.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-26. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[6 Oct. 1339:]
To the bailiffs of Lostwithiel or to the keeper of the gaol there. Order to release, without delay, John Dreu, mayor of Bodemyn, John Coterell, Luke Dony, Ralph le Bere and Richard Roger, burgesses of that town, and not to aggrieve their mainpernors, as lately at the suit of the men of Bodemyn showing that the town is not a sea port and that the men of the town have no ships or mariners and had not been wont to find ships to set out in the king's service, and Theobald Trussel, by virtue of the commission made to him by William Trussel, admiral of the fleet from the mouth of the Thames towards the west, to arrest all ships for the king's service in Cornwall, exacted 4 ships of war from those men and caused them to be distrained therefor, and caused the mayor and others to be imprisoned at Lostwithiele, and detained there until they should find the ships, and they beseeching the king to provide a remedy, he appointed Reginald de Botreaux, Richard de Hiwish and Henry de Trethewy to take inquisition upon the matter by men of the county, and by inquisition taken by Reginald and Henry it is found that Bodemyn is not a sea port and is 6 leagues and more from the nearest port, and that the men of the town have no ship, except that William Scoer, William Scarlet, Roger Blake, Thomas le Goldesmyth of Bodemyn and Thomas Gueynt of Lostwithiele have a ship in common in the water of Fawy, and that there are no other mariners in the town of Bodemyn, and the men of the town have not been wont to find a ship in times past, and the mayor and others refused to find a ship and were taken by Theobald and are imprisoned at Lostwithiel. Proviso that William and the others answer for the ship in the water of Fawy, and send it to set out with the king's fleet.By C.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 11 of the Close Roll for 13 Edward III – Part 2. Marginal note: "Oct. 6. Windsor". Italics as in printed source.



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