1225 - Robert son of Ode

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Date 1225
Topic Robert son of Ode licensed to come to England with his ship and trade.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


De licentia veniendi cum navibus. Johannes de Monasterio, Robertus filius Thurstani, Berengerius Baldewini, Willelmus Goel, Durandus Goel, Radulfus Carite, Robertus Carite, Rannulfus Aspatins, Robertus filius Odonis, Robertus le Mercer, et Rogerus Agnus, mercatores de terra Ricardi Mariscalli de Lodoro, [habent licentiam] quod salvo et secure veniant in Angliam cum navibus, rebus et mercandisis suis, et morentur, ct recedant, ad negociandum, faciendo etc. Et mandatum est G. de Lucy etc. quod etc. Et durent [littere] iste usque ad festum Sancti Michaelis anno nono. Teste rege, apud West monasterium, xvij die Aprilis. [In the duplicate 'Teste ut supra.']

[IRHB translation:]
Of licence to come with ships. John of the Monastery, Robert son of Thurstan, Berenger Baldewin, Willial Goel, Durand Goel, Randulf Carite, Robert Carite, Rannulf Aspatins, Robert son of Ode, Robert the Mercer, and Roger Agnus, merchants from the lands of Richard the Marshall of Lod, [have licence] to come safe and sound to England with their ships, things and merchandise, and stay, and withdraw, to trade, make etc. And it is demanded that G. de Lucy etc. that etc. And this [letter] shall be in force until the feast of Saint Michael in the ninth year. Witness by the king, at Westminster, the 17th day of April [In the duplicate 'Witnessed as above.'][1]

Source notes

Membrane 5 of the Patent Roll for 9 Henry III. Italics as in printed source.

IRHB comments

It is not clear to what area "terra Ricardi Mariscalli de Lodoro" refers. Presumably we are concerned with Richard Marshal, third Earl of Pembroke (1191-1234),[2] who held land in Longueville (Normandy), Wales and Ireland.




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