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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-01-14. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-25.


Among festivals that might involve some kind of Robin Hood-related entertainment, drama, sports activity, symbolism or disguise were Whitsun or May games, summer games, Easter celebrations and St Nicholas's Eve celebrations in Scotland, church ales, church dedication day feasts, Lord Mayor's shows (London), Dickens Day Parades (London and elsewhere, 19th cent. or later), carnivals, royal jubilees, ad hoc charity events, high school graduation ceremonies and end-of-term celebrations.

For England and Scotland, where there was much festival activity and is much evidence, the information relating to specific localities is grouped under counties. Outside this region, information relating to specific localities is grouped under continent and country.





Scotland has its own page.


This includes literary allusions to popular festivals as well as unlocalized references to festivals.

Outside England and Scotland

Gazetteers and lists of localities

These all focus on England and Scotland as most of the activity elsewhere is relatively late and of more peripheral interest. The list includes gazetteers, lists and calendars of evidence relating to festivals for England and/or Scotland in general or for specific historical counties or other similar areas. Also included are lists of allusions to Robin Hood (or subsidiary characters of the tradition) as figures in festivals and folk drama. Sources dealing only with specific localities are found under the localities in question.


The sources on the list all discuss or analyze activity at more than one single locality. Sources discussing activity only at specific localities are found under the locality in question.