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Robin Hood Colliery (Flimby)

Coordinate 54.689167, -3.489444
Adm. div. Cumberland
Vicinity c. 1.7 km ENE of Flimby, in Flimby Great Wood
Type Establishment
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Defunct
First Record 1855
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Robin Hood Colliery a.k.a. Flimby Colliery.
Remains of tramway rope winding house at Robin Hood Pit / Anonymous, via Cumbrian Railway Association.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-02-24. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-04-05.

The Robin Hood Colliery in Flimby was in operation from 1855 to 1909. Wilson & Harris of Darlington sank Robin Hood Pit 1 in Flimby in 1855.[1] At that time or later, operation began at a further pit, Robin Hood Pit 2. Some time after 1867 this was connected via a tramway with Seatonmoor Colliery, located about 800 m south.[2] Operation at the first Robin Hood Pit ended on 14 Nov. 1908 and that at the second pit already in December of 1897 when the seam was found unworkable on account of faults. Robin Hood Pit 1 was located in Flimby and Seaton parishes, but Robin Hood Pit 2 in Flimby only.[3] As Seaton is south of Flimby, this would indicate that pit 2 was located north of pit 1, and the "Robin Hood Pit" indicated on the early 6" O.S. maps (see maps section below) would therefore have been Pit 2. I do not know the location and extent of pit 1, but it may have been close to Seatonmoor Colliery.





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