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1565 - Gascoine, George - Durum Æneum

Allusion to Adam Bell
Date 1565
Author Gascoine, George
Title [Untitled poem on the theme] Durum Æneum & Miserabile Ævum
Mentions Clim of the CLough

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-07-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-10-18.


The woman wantonnesse, shee commes with ticing traine,
Pride in hir pocket plaies bo peepe, and bawdry in hir braine.
Hir handmaides be deceipte, daunger, and dalliaunce,
Riot and Revell follow hir, they be of hir alliaunce:
Next these commes in Sim Swashe, to see what sturre they keepe.
Clim of the Clough then takes his heeles, tis time for him to creepe: [p. 70:]
To packe the pageaunt up, commes Sorrow with a song,
He say[s] these jestes can get no grotes, & al this geare goth wrong[1]

IRHB comments

This was first published in FLowers (1575) but written ten years earlier.[2]



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