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1378 - Richard del Leghe of Brampton

Date 1378
Topic Richard del Leghe of Brampton
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-10-28. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-04-27.


Ricardus del Leghe & Agnes vx˜ ejus, Spicer vj.d.

[IRHB translation:]

Richard del Leghe and Agnes, his wife, spicer vj d.[1]

Source notes

Italic type as in printed source.
Double-spaced full stops used as spacers in the printed source have been silently omitted.
vx~ = 'uxor', wife.
MS source cited as PRO, Lay Subsidies, West Riding Co. York, No. 296/49. Poll Tax A° 2 Richard II.[2]
2 Richard II: 22 Jun 1378 – 21 Jun 1379.
The entry occurs in a section headed "Brampton' juxta Wath'", i.e. Brampton near Wath.

IRHB comments

The entry immediately preceding that cited above concerns Willelmus del Leghe, taylor, and his wife Johanna, the next but one after it, Margareta, servant to the said William, while the fifth entry after it concerns Johannes del Leghe.




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