Sherwood Park Road (Sutton)

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Coordinate 51.363257, -0.199635
Adm. div. Surrey, now Greater London
Vicinity Between Cheam Road (A232) and Robin Hood Lane
Type Thoroughfare
Interest Miscellaneous
Status Extant
First Record 1871
A.k.a. Sherwood Park
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Sherwood Park Road.
Sherwood Park Road / Google Earth Street View.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-11-18. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.

Sherwood Park Road. which takes you from the A232 to Robin Hood Lane, is situated in a neighbourhood with other Robin Hood place-names, which suggests strongly that the name was inspired by the Robin Hood tradition or itself provided the inspiration for the Robin Hood names in the area. The earliest reference I have found is a 6" O.S. map published 1871 and based on surveying survey carried 1866-67 (see Maps section below). As the earliest 1" O.S. maps are mostly not available online, It is possible that it is included on such earlier maps. A 6" O.S. map published in 1898 (rev. 1894-95) labels the road 'Sherwood Park' tout court.



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