Robin Hood Malt Kiln (Park Bottom Wood)

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Coordinate 53.688922, -1.740493
Adm. div. West Riding of Yorkshire
Vicinity Between Wakefield Road and the Calder, near Park Bottom Wood, within Kirklees Estate; Brighouse
Type Building
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Defunct
First Record 1854
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Robin Hood Malt Kiln.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-10-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-06.

Robin Hood Malt Kiln is indicated on an 1854 O.S. map of the Huddersfield area that was based on surveying done in the years 1848 to 1850. The name seems to have referred to a rectangular building squeezed in between the Calder, immediately to the west, and Wakefield Road immeditely to the east, and thus located immediately west of Nun Bank Wood (formerly Kirklees Wood) and about 50 m. north of the railroad bridge over the Calder. The 1894 O.S. map of the area has the legend "Robin Hood Malt Kiln" positioned in Nun Bank Wood, immediately east of Wakefield Road, thus making it unclear if the name was meant to apply to the building close to the Calder. The kiln is mentioned as an existing structure in a 1903 lease.[1] The name Robin Hood Malt Kiln is not indicated on any of the later 6" O.S. maps of the area online at NLS,[2] though the buidling is shown at least as late as 1948. It was in all events located very close to Robin Hood's Grave and Robin Hood's Cottage. I do not believe it was identical with the latter.

The Robin Hood Malt Kiln is not identical with the 17th cent. Malthouse located elsewhere on the Kirklees estate.[3]


MS sources

The following papers among the "Muniments of Kirklees and the Armytage Family", at West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, refer to Robin Hood Malt Kiln:

  • Tenancy agreements, KM/A/514 (1864-1870): include "agreement by William Armitage to pay annually towards improvements to the Robin Hood Malt Kiln" (1870).
  • Correspondence, KM/A/1652 (1893): "Concerning the right of way under a viaduct near the Robin Hood Malt Kiln".
  • Papers, KM/A/1660 (1900-01): "Concerning the use of a road from the Brighouse and Elland Road to the railway arch near the Robin Hood Malt Kiln".
  • Papers concerning the proposed lease by Hunt Bros., Aire and Calder Chemical Works, Castleford, KM/A/608 (1903) refer to "a field next to the Robin Hood Malt Kiln".


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