Swiss Cottage (Bush Wood, Wanstead)

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Swiss Cottage (Bush Wood, Wanstead).

[[File:|thumb|right|380px|The Swiss Cottage incorrectly labelled 'Robin Hood's Cabin, Chingford' / Shurey's Publications. Robin Hood's Cabin, Chingford (Fine Art Post Cards) ([s.l.], [s.d.]). Photographic post­card (col.). 133 x 83 mm.]]

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-01-13. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-01-13.

The Swiss Cottage was "a timber building which was built around 1850 and stood in a corner of the grounds of Lake House, itself an annexe of Wanstead House. After the present Lake House estate was built, the cottage remained at the edge of Bush Wood and was accessible by a bridge across a ditch or stream".[1] The Swiss Cottage never had anything to do with Robin Hood, but an early 1900s colour postcard published by Shurey's Publications as an inlay in one or more of their novels – the series were entitled Smart Novels", Dainty Novels or Yes or No[2] showed this cottage but mislabelled it "Robin Hood's Cottage, Chingford" (see illustration below).



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