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<!--== Discussion ==-->
<!--== Discussion ==-->
=== Background ===
== Background ==
* [https://www.facebook.com/TRHALJ/ Facebook: The Robin Hood (and) Little John]
* [https://www.facebook.com/TRHALJ/ Facebook: The Robin Hood (and) Little John]
* [http://www.therobinhoodandlittlejohn.co.uk/ Pub website]
* [http://www.therobinhoodandlittlejohn.co.uk/ Pub website]

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Robin Hood and Little John, Arnold

[[File:|thumb|right|500px|The Robin Hood (and) Little John / Photo courtesy Ross Parish.]]

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-05-27. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-07-12. Photo courtesy Ross Parish, author of books and a blog on English holy wells.

The Robin Hood and Little John has done business under that name – now using the quirky variant "Robin Hood (and) Little John" – ever since 1796, when it opened in premises newly built for the purpose by Thomas Sturtivant, keeper of Nottingham jail,[1]

In the tithe award for Arnold (1842) the land on which the pub stands is listed as "Robin Hood Inn & Yard", the landowners as the trustees of Stirtevant, and the area as 13 perches (Template:AcreRoodPerchToM2 m2).[2] As is usually the case with public houses in urban areas, the Robin Hood and Little John is only indicated as "P.H." on late 19th to mid-20th century O.S. maps (see Maps section below); on some it is not labelled at all.

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