Robin Hood's Chair (Reagill)

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Edge, where Robin Hood's Chair and Punch Bowl were located.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-05-11. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-06-07.

According to the allusion of c. 1860 cited below, "two large stones, known as Robin Hood's Chair and Punch Bowl" were then located on "Ploverigg Edge". Plover Rigg was/is located between Sleagill, Reagill, Wickerslack, Hardendale, Shap and Towcett. Apparently the name 'Plover Rigg ' ('Ploverigg') is now only preserved in that of Ploverigg farmhouse, a listed building perhaps dating from the 17th century.[1] About 870 meters NNW of this farmhouse and c. 1.5 km WSW of Reagill is a (formerly inhabited) locality named Edge. This must be where the Chair and Punch Bowl sat. I have not found any evidence that the names are still in use. In fact, no one seems to have mentioned them since the c. 1860 allusion. The coordinates on the Google map and in the infobox point to a random location in Edge and are thus only approximate. Template:PnItemQry