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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-06-08. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-04-06.


International place-names

For international and British place-names see the following pages:


This page lists Robin Hood-related place-names in England and summarizes the data through maps and charts. Under place-names are included localities certainly or possibly named after Robin Hood or subsidiary characters of the tradition, localities named after historical persons named Robin/Robert Hood or surnamed Littlejohn etc., localities with local traditions relating to Robin Hood or subsidiary characters, and localities that are mentioned or figure as locale in ballads, tales and dramas, mainly before c. 1600. Each locality has a page of its own, but the amount of detail provided varies considerably. For Robin Hood-related place-names in evidence in the Medieval or Early Modern period I generally provide more information (if available) than for toponyms that have (likely) arisen more recently. The vast majority of Robin Hood-related names for public houses are first documented in the 19th century or later, while the majority of Robin Hood names for thoroughfares have arisen during the 20th (or 21st) century. Place-names not belonging to these categories are more likely to date back to the early modern period, though here also many are of 19th or 20th century origin.

For up-to-date maps showing the distribution of English place-names and localities, see the Place-name choropleths page.

Counties and shires

The list includes separate entries for London and the historic ridings of Yorkshire.



Gazetteers and lists of Robin Hood-related localities. These all focus on English place-names.


The sources on the list all discuss or analyze more than one single locality. Sources discussing specific localities are found under the locality in question. This list again has a distinct focus on England as there has been very little discussion or analysis of non-English Robin Hood place-names.