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Heywood, John. Iohn Heywoodes woorkes. A dialogue conteyning the number of the effectuall prouerbes in the English tonge, compact in a matter concernynge two maner of mariages. With one hundred of epigrammes: and three hundred of epigrammes vpo[n] thrée hundred prouerbes: and a fifth hundred of epigrams. Whereunto are now newly added a sixte hundred of epigrams by the sayde Iohn Heywood. Londini: Printed by Henry Wykes, 1566. Sigs.: A-2D⁴ 2E² (-E2).

Bibliographical sources

  • ESTC (advanced search for "heywood" and "proverbes").


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  • Cambridge University Trinity College
  • Bodleian Library
  • Folger Shakespeare
  • Harvard University
  • Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
  • Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Illinois
  • Williams College, Chapin Library


Later editions/printings