Cameron, Kenneth 1985a

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Cameron, Kenneth; Field, John; Insley; Cameron. The Place-Names of Lincolnshire (English Place-Name Society, vols. 58, 64/65-66, 71, 73, 77, 85). Nottingham: English Place-Name Society, 1985-2010. 7 vols. xliv, 236, [4 blank]; xxii, 326, [2 blank]; xxiv, 197; xviii, 201; [1], xx, 179; xviii, 228; xxvi, 151, [7 blank] pp. 23 cm. Maps; dust-jacket. Hardback.

Title and year of publication of each part:# The place-names of the County of the City of Lincoln (1985)\n# Lincolnshire, Lindsey, North Riding, the Wapentake of Yarborough (1991)\n# The Wapentake of Walshcroft (1992)\n# The Wapentakes of Ludborough and Haverstoe (1996)\n# The Wapentake of Bradley (1997)\n# The Wapentakes of Manley and Aslacoe (2001)\n# Lawress Wapentake (2010).\n\nPts. 1-2, 4 and 6 by Cameron. Pts. 3, 5 by Cameron in collaboration with John Field and John Insley; pt. 7 by Cameron and Insley in collaboration with Jean Cameron.