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Bateson, Mary 1899a

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Bateson, Mary, ed.; Stevenson, W.H., revis.; Stocks, J.E., revis.; Creighton, Mandell, introd. Records of the Borough of Leicester: Being a Series of Extracts from the Archives of the Corporation of Leicester [...] Edited by Mary Bateson [...] Revised by W. H. Stevenson [...] and J. E. Stocks [...] Published under the authority of the Corporation of Leicester. London: C.J. Clay and Sons; Cambridge: University Press Warehouse, 1899-1905. 7 vols. lxxi, 448; lxxxiii, 523; lxiv 511; lviii, 644; xvii, 582; xii, 581; xl, 591 pp. Plates, folded map, folded plan, facs. 25 cm.

Vol. I has preface by the then Bishop of London, Mandell Creighton. Vols. 3-4 with imprint: Cambridge: At the University press. Vols. 5-7 with imprint: [Leicester]: Leicester University Press. Vols. publ. as follows: I: 1899; II: 1901; III: 1905; vol. IV: 1923; V: 1965; VI: 1967; VII 1974. Vol. 4 edited by Helen Stocks with the assistance of W. H. Stevenson; vols. 5-7 edited by G. A. Chinnery. In place of the first ellipsis in title individual volumes have the period (and record category) covered, thus vol. I: "1103-1327"; vol. II: "1327-1509"; vol. III: "1509-1603"; vol. IV: 1603-1688; vol. V: Hall books and papers, 1689-1835; vol. VI: The chamberlains' accounts, 1688-1835; vol. VII: Judicial and allied records, 1689-1835.


  • Vol. I (PDF)
  • Vol. II (PDF)
  • Vol. II (PDF)
  • Vol. IV (read online)
  • vol. V: not available online
  • vol. VI: not available online
  • vol. VII: not available online.