1405 - Anonymous - Dives and Pauper

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Date 1405
Author Anonymous
Title Dives and Pauper
Mentions Tale or song of Robin Hood

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-05-17. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-05-17.



For þe peple þise dayys is wol indeuout to God and to holy chirche and þey louyn but wol lytil men of holy cherche and han gret ioye for dishesyn and dispisin men of holy chyrche, and þey ben loth to comyn in holy chyrche whan þey arn boundyn to comyn þedyr and wol loth to heryn Godys seruyse. Late þey comyn and sone gon a&yogh;en awey. &yogh;yf þey ben þer a lytil while, hem þynkyth wol longe. &Thorn;ey han leuer gon to þe tauerne þan to holy chirche, leuer to heryn a tale or song of Robyn Hood or of som rybaudye <keyword>an to heryn messe or matynys or ony<keyword>ing of Goddis seruise or ony word of God. And sythe <keyword>e peple hath so lityl deuocion to God and holy chirche, Y can no&yogh;t sen <keyword>at <keyword>ey don swyche cost in holy chirche for deuocion ne for <keyword>e loue of God, for <keyword>ey dispisyn God day and ny&yogh;th with here wyckyd lyuynge and her wickyd thewys.[1]

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