From International Robin Hood Bibliography
This template generates an SMW subobject containing the essential data of an edition of a Robin Hood ballad. It takes the following parameters (optional unless otherwise stated).
  • Original – name of page where first printing/edition of this is defined.
  • Pos – sort string.
  • Childno – the Child number of the ballad. Mandatory.
  • Ppref – (volume and) page reference. Must be provided for editions in printed collections, anthologies, garlands etc.
  • Vartitle – variant title used for the ballad in the source.
  • Baledtype – value must be one of: primary, popular, facsimile, scholarly or translation. If a scholarly edition is also a primary source, make an entry for each. Only make an entry for a popular edition if it is not primary.
  • Language – value must be a valid language name, e.g. German, French, Spanish.
  • Essential – 'true' indicates that this is an essential edition (for scholarly editions only). Default: false.
  • Comment – any (brief) comment you see fit to add.