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Talk:1568 - Grafton, Richard - Chronicle at large

Add Geoff's info on Boece Bellenden and make corss-reference to these when I have added pages on them.

Hi Henrik,

A question re. transcription of Grafton: In line 17 at the IRHB you write “and the houses of riche Earles”. Singman’s transcription reads “and the houses of riche Carles”. Looking at the copy of Grafton that Rob F posted ([1] ) and looking at various E’s and C’s in that gothic typeface – I would have to say it is a C, especially as few lines below that we have “noble dignitie of an Erle”. Of course spelling in this period wasn’t properly standardized but “Erle” is also the spelling in A Gest.

I’ve not found a village or town called ‘little Morauie’ in Scotland. Grafton mentions Gerardus Marcator (sic) but I think (sorry I havn’t confirmed it) he got his information from Hector Boece. (Although the Little John page at Rochester, http://d.lib.rochester.edu/robin-hood/theme/little-john , - will need expanding – seems to suggest Bellenden was a little free in his translation of Boece.) Anyhoo, Boece: “[i]n Murray land is the kick (ie church) of Pette”. I’ve not found Pette but Murray land (after Clan Murray) is essentially Moray, and Moravie/Morauie is how it’s spelled in Norman French, according to Wikipedia.